Hoos Got Your Back (HGYB) is UVA’s bystander intervention program. HGYB empowers community members to look out for one another by doing something when a situation doesn’t look or feel right. By being active bystanders, we collectively help to prevent harm and to create a community of care at UVA.

Over 2 out of 3 UVA students surveyed intervened when they were concerned sexual harm may occur*

*From the March 2021 Spring Health Survey with responses from 607 UVA undergraduates. Collected by UVA Student Health and Wellness. 

Hoos Got Your Back is excited to be back on Grounds to offer both in-person and online workshops this semester. 

Hoos Got Your Back creates programs specific to your group’s needs. HGYB has delivered programs to a variety of stakeholders across UVA including dormitories, athletic teams, Greek organizations, CIOs, and other university groups.
There are many student organizations around Grounds that provide resources and trainings to the University community.